Anca draws her own conclusions.

Posted January 31, 2013

Anca answered our Craigslist’s post 9 months ago, thinking that the ad was fun and looked like Pipe & Tabor could be a fun place to work at. (little did she know just how silly of a group of people we were). It didn’t take too long until she was immersed in the creative world of Pipe & Tabor.

Here’s a sketch of her career:
Anca studied Visual Communication in Romania, anticipating a career in Graphic Design, but later discovered that her passion for design, illustration and writing could ‘come together’ inherently in the creating of picture books. She graduated with a Masters Degree from the Cambridge School of Art, and now works with Random House UK on several book projects. Her first children’s picture book was published in December, 2012. She is currently working on her second book for Random House UK.

Anca has collaborated on several illustration projects for advertising (i.e. Skoda), book illustration and corporate design. She has worked internationally with groups from the UK, Italy, South Korea, Singapore, and Romania. During her 9 months stint with us, she has worked on logos for Cause+Event Portland, Rise to Excellence, as well as helping with the source art for motion graphics projects such as Windows 8 rollout training videos, A Poverty documentary, and a video about curbing child abuse. We’re glad we caught Anca’s eye with our ad, and she drew her own conclusions about us!


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