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Pipe & Tabor creates new video for electronic music artist DeeperNet

Posted September 17, 2016

Pipe & Tabor, LLC had the joy of working with local electronic music artist DeeperNet on the music video for the first song off their new album “The Network.” The track is called “Satori,” and this provided us with the opportunity to really explore some experimental shooting ideas. We worked with shooting ink into water,…

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Info Graphics + Motion Graphics/AfterEffects art asset creation!

Posted June 7, 2013

Pipe & Tabor has been busy this past year, helping many of our video and business clients with custom art asset creation for print, web and motion graphics. Working with a D.C. think tank documentary on Nuclear power (with ColdWater Media and Vidano Films), creating an imaginary OS, Info Graphics, as well as other art…

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