Info Graphics + Motion Graphics/AfterEffects art asset creation!.

Posted June 7, 2013

Pipe & Tabor has been busy this past year, helping many of our video and business clients with custom art asset creation for print, web and motion graphics. Working with a D.C. think tank documentary on Nuclear power (with ColdWater Media and Vidano Films), creating an imaginary OS, Info Graphics, as well as other art assets for the Motion Graphics/AfterEffects work. (Antifreeze Design handled the AfterEffects animation work). You can watch that video here. We also have been working with Tecplot, Inc in Bellevue on Info Graphics to help tell the story of their product, Chorus. The info graphics are being used in both Print + Web. Partnering with our favorite illustrator, Anca Sandu, we worked with Vidano Films on a documentary about preventing child abuse. To help tell the story more confidentially, we created original illustrations to visually narrate the story to the audio interviews. Vidano’s animators did a brilliant job, taking Anca’s water color washes and rich pen and ink illustrations, and bringing them all to life. The end product is very powerful. We also have several projects (major software company training video assets, info graphics for a major business endeavor, etc.) we’d love to show but are under NDAs. Whether you’re a big firm needing to hire some ‘extra fire power’ for that specific project, or a direct client needing to tell your complex story in a very simple and easy to understand graphic, Pipe & Tabor is your team to help you realize this vision. You can check out a full gallery of this work at our Facebook page gallery here.