Research, Research, Research... with a curiosity and ability to ask the tough questions, while adding an equal portion of fun.

The best way to create something new, is to hit the books and consume as much history as possible. After we have a clear picture of what you’ve done in your marketing and creative past, we can help your company develop unexpected and unique ways of communicating your future.

When all that research and archaeology is done, we have a blueprint for fresh ideas. We simplify the most complex ideas into classic and timeless designs (logo design, web design, print design); ones that are more than just pretty faces, because we like our work to have brains.

This is the part where you do a jolly little jig, because we just successfully helped you pull off a pretty astounding piece of work. Go ahead and pat yourself on the back. You deserve it.


“I have really enjoyed working with the team at Pipe & Tabor. They were able to help reinvent our brand and create consistency in our brand story. We saw a significant instant lift in sales, and continue to leverage our reinvention to bring back old customers, and connect with new ones. The time, energy, and money we invested in this project has been well worth it, and has driven significant profit dollars to the bottom line.” –Matt Ableidinger, Owner, Leonardo’s Pizzeria


Our Approach
Communicate well and look good doing it. When it comes to your organization’s visual messaging, keeping the big-picture view is paramount. Creating a cohesive body of creative marketing outreach that is visually consistent is the foundation for building long-term brand equity and a clear brand story.

Our key areas of focus are:

  • Brand & Logo Identity Development
  • Print Marketing Design & Production
  • Advertisement Design
  • Illustration
  • Info Graphics, Motion Graphic Art Assets
  • Icon Development/User Experience
  • Web Design & Development
  • Commercial, Conceptual & Product Photography
  • Video

In many ways the design of a creative marketing project must take a back seat to the underlying message. Engaging visuals and proper messaging are both critical to the potency of a project. Since both are important, we focus on each in our design approach to give every project the best chance of success. One of the ways we provide value is by listening. We have developed some incredibly powerful internal processes that allow us to work efficiently and maintain flexibility as project details change. We provide our clients with clear design mock ups that help them understand their potential marketing and brand story. As with any great craftsman or artisan (after the initial research phase), we always start with pen, pencil and paper, sketching out the rough ideas before ever hitting the computer or finding the final design solution. Too often these careful important first steps are skipped on the way to the final unveiling. So before you plot our your visual branding strategy, consider bringing in the staff of Pipe & Tabor to consult on your branding and visual design marketing.