A Studio nurturing a healthy dose of both creativity and coffee. We're nestled into a bedroom community of Portland, Oregon, just across the river.

We are a branding and web design firm that while quartered in Vancouver/Camas, Washington area, it's only a stone’s throw from Portland, Oregon. We are technically proficient in the smithing of logos, websites, and print marketing collateral, as well other inspired key art goodies. You are always welcome to join us for a cup of joe or local brew, just give us a call!

The folks at Pipe & Tabor are a small group of artisans absolutely titillated by simple, yet powerful logos, and new solutions inspired by classical design elements. We also happen to share a deep love for all kinds of music, whether it is played on a pipe and tabor, or on a distorted Les Paul through a Marshall full stack amp. You’ll often hear what is currently perking our ears on our blog or tumblr page. Swing by our office and request a favorite tune from the modern office ‘jukebox’ (aka: Computer>DAC>Amplifier>Speakers).

Fun copywriting text aside, we truly believe in having fun while working hard. We have created a space where talent can grow, create, and live together in a place where you’ll be personally welcomed, while being challenged professionally through the work that we produce. Iron sharpening iron…. while sipping a good beverage and enjoying an awesome new track from one of our latest musical favorites. Space matters, and in this space…. our people and clients matter most. In these ‘hallowed halls’ we craft some of the best logo designs, packaging, print collateral, marketing materials and websites around! Feel free to check out our design studio at any time, just give us a call or send us an email!

“The team at Pipe & Tabor was dialed in and knew just what we were needing. They really nailed it!” –Chris Lewis, CPA, The Lewis Group

Why not work with a team where you’ll not only enjoy the final outcome, but also the creative process along the way. (and yes, sometimes our creatives do enjoy healthy beverages besides coffee, that are… well… difficult to recognize from the bottle or the color of the contents)