GeroMedical Psychological Services, P.S..

What started as a chance meeting within our own Arnada neighborhood here in Vancouver, Washington, has bloomed into an ongoing relationship with GeroMedical Psychological Services that we still enjoy to this day. As GeroMedical was faced with a move to accommodate their growing staff and offerings, they knew that it was time for a brand facelift. We only kept the overall ‘heart’ shape from the original brand design, creating an airy bird illustration image that was being freed and ready to take flight. GeroMedical focuses on the aging population, providing counseling and assistance with the relationship between the medical providers and their clients. Everyone has their story to tell, and GeroMedical provides a safe place to share this and move on to a fuller life through this.

GeroMedical has expanded into a full service general psychological service provider, through their parent company Scovel Psychological Services. For that brand launch, we made the new brand a ‘brand sibling’ with a matching ‘sibling website.’

Visit the website we designed/developed: and



The GeroMedical (and now Scovel) rebranding project consisted of the main logo identity, full stationery package, a rack card brochure, trade publication advertising, trade show banners, and two websites (that provide a staff back end to keep all documents up to date from the field).

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