Pizza Blends.

The Pizza Blends project started with a simple logo identity rebrand for a company that had started in Portland, Oregon in the 70s.  Since then they have grown into one of the main suppliers for the pizza industry, providing ready made dough, sauce and spices (made to client spec) for some of the largest pizza franchises in the country. Like with most rebranding projects, as the new look began to win over the staff (and their customers), it quickly took hold and was carried out across the entire PizzaBlends branding system, including their website.

While they are now owned by parent company C.H.Guenther & Son, Inc. out of Texas, the full branding system that Pipe & Tabor created for PizzaBlends is still commanding attention and representing the face of the company.

Visit the website we designed/developed:

Our Pizza Blends rebranding project consisted of the main logo identity, the two subsidiary logos, full stationery package, a brochure, print marketing sales sheets and instructional data sheets, trade show banners, and website design/development.

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