Stereotypes Audio.

Stereotypes Audio was a natural client for us since music is one of the cornerstones of Pipe & Tabor (along with design and coffee). With most of us having been musicians (or still are), we know what music actually sounds like, and that’s where Stereotypes Audio comes in. A truly unique HiFi audio store, selling audiophile gear for the regular joe, as well as for those requiring reference level music reproduction. We wanted to help them capture the essence of their store experience in their website and branding materials. We also helped them bring their long standing cherished logo into the age of digitized logos. Each branding piece brings an element to what it’s like to shop, listen, and experience music at their store.

Visit the website we designed/developed:



The Stereotypes Audio rebranding project consisted of the computerization of the main logo identity (That had only been inked artwork), business card design, a rackcard brochure, trade show banners, and website design/development. (Blog currently maintained by Pipe & Tabor)

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