Tecplot of Bellevue, Washington is a well regarded innovator within the industrial 3D visualization software industry, whose original brand system had fallen a little too far into the past. Working with their key management, we sought to not only bring them up to date with their look, but also to better represent what they do and simplify their entire branding system into an clear and straightforward product line visually. The main corporate identity logo mark is comprised of an actual plot, that has been rendered in it’s most simple form, with the unfolding flip side revealing it’s wireframe underpinnings.

This was an especially rewarding project, being able to develop the entire visual system for such an amazing company, all the way down the line to even the application icons and start-up screens. It’s not every day you get to work with a company that has helped to resolve engineering issues within the U.S. space program through their specialized data visualization software.

Visit the website we designed:  www.tecplot.com



The Tecplot rebranding project consisted of the main logo identity, full stationery package, three product logos (now four), product application icons, product start-up and install screens, product package design, print marketing sales sheets and data sheets, trade show banners, website art assets and a website redesign.


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